When To Seek Better Mental Health Treatment

Dissatisfaction with personal mental health treatment is sometimes inevitable.

Personal mental health treatment involves a serious investment of effort and funds and should not be abandoned unless it is impossible to redeem. The therapy interaction is a cooperative effort and a two-way street. Is there a maximum effort being made by you in the relationship? Have you really been clear about what you really want the therapy to achieve and what issues you want to be addressed specifically? It is a wasteful mistake to seek different treatment before your dissatisfaction has been openly communicated?

When a patient succeeds in summoning the courage to express dissatisfaction and the therapist responds, a big step forward takes place.
A patient should reflect long and hard on whether or not the desire to change therapists is connected to avoiding a difficult personal issue in therapy or is based on feelings of shame or embarrassment or anticipation and surmising about what the therapist might think or might say.

If therapy progress is stuck, try to discuss this too with the therapist. Sometimes it may be beneficial for you and the therapist to agree to leave the door open for future work together if you decide to try another approach or another therapist.