FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Answers


How Long Will I Need Treatment?
Each patient has unique treatment needs. Dr. Bonn understands that patients do not have unlimited time or money, and he works with patients to approach the duration and frequency of treatment with this in mind. Dr. Bonn is result-oriented. Excellent, efficient, cost effective treatment is of utmost importance to Dr. Bonn.

How Much Will Treatment Cost?
Dr. Bonn cannot predict in advance what frequency or duration of treatment is optimal, because each patient is unique. Dr. Bonns experience and outlook allow him to treat patients effectively and efficiently.

By visiting Dr. Bonn, no patient is committing to more than one appointment at a time. Dr. Bonn charges $160 per 45 minute session. He accepts no insurance except Medicare.

Does Dr. Bonn accept insurance?
Click here for an explanation. Dr. Bonn does not accept any insurance other than traditional Medicare. Medicare patients should note that Medicare does not cover the entire amount that Medicare allows the physician to charge. The difference between the Medicare allowance and what Medicare pays is called the Medigap. This Medigap amount may be paid by a supplemental insurance plan, if the patient has one. However, if there is any unpaid difference between the Medicare allowance and what any supplemental insurance pays, the patient is personally responsible to Dr. Bonn.

Does Dr. Bonn accept credit cards?

When does Dr.Bonn have office hours?
Dr. Bonn schedules patient hours, generally, at these times:
  • Mondays & Thursdays:
    approximately 7:30 am through the late evening
  • Tuesdays & Fridays:
    approximately 7:30 am through late afternoon
  • Wednesdays & Weekends:
    there are no regular office hours.

May a patient be accompanied by another person in a session?
Yes. Often people feel more comfortable at the start of treatment when they are in the presence of a person who is close to him or her.